The Ohio Workers First Act-PowerPoint Presentation

This post is the long version of the PowerPoint presentation regarding the Ohio Workers First Act I gave at the CMBA Workers’ Compensation Section meeting in January.  I’m posting it in particular for those who are going to see the shortened version of the presentation at the SIGO Education Day on March 16th, and are looking for some more information regarding the issue.

The presentation includes only the slides (no witty commentary-and I know…. you’re thinking that there wasn’t any of that at the CMBA or SIGO presentations either…).  I posted it because it contains some facts and figures about immigration issues in this country that I won’t have time to cover in 30 minutes.

For anyone reading this post who did not attend the SIGO Education Day, I tried in this presentation to present both sides of the issue without politicizing it too much.  The slides by themselves without any commentary may be a little dry, and I don’t think the video sections are going to play properly, but please feel free to check it out.

Link to Powerpoint Presentation on the Ohio Workers First Act


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