Are the Industrial Commission’s Rule Changes for 2019 Exciting?

That short answer is no.  Not even remotely.  But I read them anyway, just in case.  In order to spare you the pain, here are the highlights.

As part of its regular rule review process, the Industrial Commission amended ten of its administrative rules, effective February 1, 2019.  The ten rules that were amended covered: suspension of claims; standards of practice for representatives before the Industrial Commission; additional awards for violations of specific safety requirements; and several rules pertaining to the Code of Ethics for the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Industrial Commission of Ohio (most of which apply only to Bureau and Commission employees).

The changes to the vast majority of rules were extremely minimal, mainly to bring the previously gender specific language in the rules into the 21st century.  In terms of actual substantive changes, I only found two changes of any interest whatsoever.

The rule regarding suspension of claims, O.A.C. 4121-3-12, was changed to indicate that, in addition to an injured worker’s right to compensation being suspended for refusing to submit to a medical examination, all rights to medical benefits are suspended as well.  For more about the claims suspension process in general, you can read Yes, Your Claim Can Be Suspended for Failing to Undergo a Psychological Test.

The rule regarding the standard of practice for representatives, O.A.C. 4121-2-01, was changed to remove the sentence “No person who solicits or causes claims to be solicited shall be allowed to practice or represent parties before the industrial commission, or the bureau.”

Other than that, there is really nothing of interest in the new rule changes.  So you can go back to checking your March Madness brackets now without delay.  Go Duke!

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