Help! Please Nominate Employers Workers’ Compensation Law Blog

Regular readers of the blog, I hope I’ve been able to share some useful information over the past year and a half.  Now comes my request for help with some shameless self-promotion.   Putting in the effort weekly to come up with things in the workers’ compensation world that are actually interesting to read about is not an easy task (those of you who don’t think I’ve actually written anything interesting, you can stop reading here…..). just opened its 4th Annual Workers’ Compensation Best Blogs recognition program for nominations. Workers’ compensation professionals, employers and injured workers are encouraged to nominate blogs that they feel provide excellent information and entertainment for the industry.

Blogs designated as “Best Blogs” for the workers’ compensation industry will be listed on the website, as well as have the opportunity to display a token indicating the designation for their visitors.  Nominations for the Best Blogs program may be made here, and will run through May.

Please take a few moments to click on the link below, and nominate this blog!  To make things easy, you can cut and paste the name of the blog: Employers Workers’ Compensation Law Blog; the URL: or (I think either will work); and the primary author: Eric Rich

Nominate Your Favorite Blog Here(If pop-ups are blocked by your browser,
access the form here)

Thanks in advance for your help!  And thanks for reading!


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