BWC Budget Bill Fails to Pass Due to Disputes About PTSD Claims and Citizenship Information on First Report of Injury Form

The Ohio House and Senate failed to reach agreement on the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Budget Bill.  On June 30th the chambers approved a 30-day budget extension for the BWC in the form of SB172.

The House version of the BWC Budget Bill included a  provision that would allow first responders to file claims for post-traumatic stress disorder without having to show physical injuries.  PTSD Claims for First Responders: Opening Pandora’s Box? It also included a provision that would amend the First Report of Injury form to require that injured workers to declare their immigration status. Should the Ohio BWC Be Collecting Citizenship Information on a First Report of Injury?

Other things included in the House version of the bill were a provision to amend the definition of an independent contractor for workers’ compensation purposes; and a provision that would remove the requirement for state fund employers to consent to settlement of claims no longer within their risk experience.

The Senate passed the Budget Bill after stripping out all policy related provisions.  The House and Senate were unable to agree on the changes at conference committee, necessitating the stopgap budget extension.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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